Crushed garlic „GASTRO”

Net weight:
1kg, 2,5kg, 20kg

Ingredients: 90% of garlic, 10% of salt

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3.415 Ft68.300 Ft

How good would it be if we always had garlic at home, so that we can prepare our dishes deliciously and not have to deal with peeling and other things.

Of course it can happen in every household that they are out of garlic. This is when the moaning and the grouching that “it’d be so good to have some” and others start. The market offers numerous options to prepare for situations like these, but these often cause disappointment, because they have to have a long lasting and distinct GARLIC taste not a copy of some plastic flavor.

We also had the same idea and find it extremely acceptable when a customer doesn’t want some weird aftertaste and that is why we came up with this product by putting aside the not too quality solutions. In cases like these the gastro spice mix is the best choice, which is basically salted and minced garlic, which is by itself a very important spice in Hungarian gastronomy.

The product was mainly created so that the garlic lovers wouldn’t need to put aside their favorite spice, not even in those times when this vegetable is out of season, because they refuse to lower the quality and aroma of their dishes.

In terms of its compounds the spice mix is based on 90% of clean, minced garlic, besides which edible salt and ascorbic acid can be found in it, so it will only be a good choice if we’d like to spice our dishes up with the distinct taste of garlic.

The product is ideal to use in any situation when we’d like to give a clearly garlicky flavor to our dishes. It is a perfect alternative when it comes to roasts, pasta dishes, salads and side dishes but of course it does not disappoint us even in case of flavoring of a homemade lángos.

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1kg, 2,5kg, 20kg

Crushed garlic „GASTRO”


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