Seasoned and crushed garlic for fowl roasts 1-10kg

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1kg, 2,5kg, 10kg

28% of garlic, water, edible salt, sunflower oil, dextrose, 7% of spices (curry, black pepper, chili, ginger), flavor enhancer (monosodium glutamate), modified potato starch, antioxidants (ascorbic acid), thickener (xanthan gum), aromas, preservatives (sorbic acid, potassium metabisulphite)

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For the sake of a healthy lifestyle the consumption of fowls is more and more supported, although we fancy meals like these anyways. We like it when it is crispy and well done, and when it comes to meals like these we especially like when it is seasoned with a tasty flavor, which makes it even more desirable. It is no surprise that garlic, as of course other spices, is an inevitable ingredient when it comes to dishes like these, however the mix and the quantity doesn’t always turn out the way we’d hoped. This is why we have so many spice mixes for fowls. The majority of people prefer not having to deal with the mixing of the spices, hence the huge demand, however sometimes the use is followed by disappointment.

The taste isn’t right, it is too strong, it is too this or too that, and the biggest problem of all is the taste of preservatives. It makes it so artificial, and the real taste is nowhere to be discovered. After we’ve talked with customers, more of them said that this is the reason why they don’t fancy experimenting with spice mixes, which is understandable. So while looking for the real taste, we had put this aside, since we too agreed, while developing, that our product has to have a unique taste, and we succeeded.

This minced garlic based spice mix is especially recommended for fowl roasts, it will guarantee a superb taste when it comes to dishes made from chicken, duck, goose or turkey.

The product contains 28% of good quality minced garlic, besides which there are mainly hot spices in it, such as curry, black pepper, chili and also ginger, so it will be mostly recommended for folks with a taste for spicy and hot dishes.

Even though it is firstly recommended for fowls, trying it out on other kinds of meat might be worth your while, however, exceeding the recommended amount is not advocated. Accordingly, about 50 grams of minced garlic should be dosed for 500-700 grams of meat for achieving the ideal taste.

Since it functions as a sort of dry marinade, it has to be rubbed into all sides of the meat one or two hours before the preparation. The seasoned and crushed garlic starts to function afterwards. It is important not to leave it in this state for more than 12 hours, instead we should prepare it. After roasting the meats will have this truly special and piquant taste, and it will be a real treat eating them.

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10kg, 1kg, 2,5kg

Seasoned and crushed garlic for fowl roasts 1-10kg


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