Crushed garlic product for meat industry products 1-18kg

Net weight:
1kg, 2,5kg, 18kg

Garlic 90%, nitrite salt 10% (edible salt, preservative: sodium nitrite)

The re-closable container provides an easy and hygienic storage, besides it preserves the freshness of the garlic.

2.900 Ft52.200 Ft

We have been preserving our foods for hundreds of years, mainly the meats with salt. Let’s just think about the salted bacon or ham. Back in the old days people did not use preservatives, only the things that were given to them by nature.

Mostly people in the meat industry and people who want to preserve meat in a big quantity had and have come across the problem of preservation. The problem was given and taking into account the objectionable solutions, we have come up with an optimal one, which reaches back to the ancient and natural solutions, putting aside the classical ones, which is the use of preservatives.

The minced garlic that was minced with nitrite salt wasn’t meant for casual use, but so that this uniquely tasting spice would be at the disposal of the players in the meat industry in appropriate quality.

Due to its use cases, it was highly important to use sodium nitrite salt in the mix, which basically functions as a preservative, so that the garlic would not go bad, not even after meat industrial processing.

In terms of compounds in the nitrite minced garlic there is 90% of garlic which is completed by nitrite salt due to the aforementioned attributes.

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18kg, 1kg, 2,5kg

Crushed garlic product for meat industry products 1-18kg


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