Black Garlic

90 capsules
Garlic has a beneficial effect on the circulatory system and boosts the immune system. The zinc and selenium contribute to the normal functions of the immune system and with the manganese they support cell defense against oxidative stress.
dried black garlic powder, natural humic acid, zinc-sulfate, manganese-sulfate, natrium-selenite, gelatin (capsule material), anti-caking substance: anhydrous colloidal silica dioxide.

Dosing: 2×1 capsules a day, taken before meals, with lots of fluids

127 HUF/ capsule

15.900 Ft

The main compound of the capsule is black garlic, which is a real treat, the basis of which is white garlic, which is kept in a temperature-controlled – generally 60-80 Celsius degrees – and humid environment.

During this process the product takes this black shade, while the definite taste of fresh garlic ceases, however both the physical and chemical traits change, this results in increased levels of the contained antioxidants and other compounds.

This means that the amount of a lot of extremely valuable substances multiplies. Thus, it can have a positive effect on the immune system, also on the cardiovascular system, besides it contributes to the maintenance of normal cholesterol levels. Black garlic, thanks to its transformed compounds, contributes to stress resistance when it comes to temporary stresses. Black garlic contributes to sustaining a normal cholesterol level, and preserving the health of the cardiovascular system, while keeping your breath presentable.

The product also contains high levels of humic acids..

The humic substances evolve during the millenary decaying processes of plant biomass, during the humification of plants. The humic acids and the fulvic acids are part of the humic family, they contain at least 70 different types of minerals, in a form which is admissible and biologically usable. These organic macromolecules with long molecule chains and special features from the carboniferous period, can be retrieved from the turf that evolved 300 million years ago.

We are proud to say that one of the world’s greatest quality and purest humic material buildups can be found in Hungary. We produce our Humicin® product line from this ingredient, the effectiveness and efficiency of it is confirmed by 26 international awards. We use this high quality ingredient in the Humicin® Black Garlic dietary supplement capsules.

Thanks to the blessed effect of the humic acids, the macro- micronutrients and the trace elements (magnesium, iron, chrome, zinc, copper, selenium) can be absorbed and utilized in the human body in adequate form and quantity.

The humic acids have beneficial effects, the examination of which is the dynamically developing area of the health sciences.

The beneficial effects of the humic and fulvic acids to the human body:

  • immunostimulant, immune- boosting effect
  • antiallergenic effect
  • antibacterial and antiviral effect (natural antibiotic)
  • liver regenerating effect
  • anti-inflammatory effect
  • enhancement of the red blood cell count (advised as a therapy)
  • strengthening the natural defense of the skin against the UV radiation
  • swift recovery regarding rheumatic aches and arthritis diseases
  • their regular consumption energizes and helps prevent illnesses

Further organic components of the capsule:

Selenium (Se), Zinc (Zn), and manganese (Mn) ions.

All of these are present in the bond of the humus and fulvic acids, by which these ions can easily be absorbed by the human body.

Zinc (Zn): Due to the pandemic the detailed introduction of this trace element is of the utmost importance. Zinc plays a very important role: it preserves the soundness of all mucous membrane epitheliums, but firstly of the upper respiratory ciliated epithelia. Our body contains zinc in the largest amount, after iron. Contrary to iron, the human body does not store zinc, we need constant refilling through nutrients.

The replacement of zinc is mostly required in periods of viral infections, to improve the functions of the respiratory epithelia and to strengthen the local immune response. There’s a fundamental need for it for the balanced and strong function of the immune system. Besides all of this, zinc ions play a fairly special role in specific viral infections. The members of the coronaviridae virus family are quite sensitive to zinc ions in the attacked cells, since zinc contained by the cells, even in small quantities is able to strongly bond with main RdRp enzymes, and by blocking that it stops the spreading of the virus with incredibly efficiency. This was already written down in connection with SARS-1 [Baric 2010]

Selenium (Se): The selenium is a trace element which are oxidative small molecules that are constantly produced during the everyday functions of our body, by defensive or inflammatory responses to environmental changes or psychological stress, the most important trace element that regulates the free radical levels. There are countless clinical studies about the importance of maintaining the optimal selenium levels regarding the natural functions of the circulatory system, the heart or even the immune system. The selenium supplemented by the dietary supplement has to get into and be absorbed by the cells with relatively high efficacy. The functions of the immune system, among other things, “kill” the virally infected cells and bacteria with free radicals.

Manganese (Mn): This not so popular trace element is also important when it comes to the strengthening of the cell defense. This can also mainly be found in red meats, but there are plenty of sources to it, it’s just that the absorption of it is questionable. It is absorbed similarly to iron, and it typically plays a serious role in hematogenesis and in the reproduction of the immune system’s cells. As an impact of a viral infection a manganese ion dependent defense system starts in the cellular immune system, the result of which is increased interferon-gamma and TNF-alpha production in the white blood cells that are responsible for the initial defense.

The manganese strengthens and completes the antioxidant effect of the selenium, especially in organs that play a role in post COVID fatigue: the heart and the endothelium contains a large amount of manganese metal ion centric manganese superoxide-dismutase enzyme. This plays a separate, strong free radical-reducing role in the circulatory system. This enzyme plays a significant role in the joints, hence in the prevention of the post COVID arthritis.

Source: Dr. Richard j. Laub MS, PhD, CChem, FRSC, the Ohio State University, then the professor and researcher at the San Diego State University

Szöllősy János


Do not exceed the recommended daily amount!
Do not take the product if you are allergic to garlic, or if you are taking blood thinners!
The consumption of dietary supplements does not substitute a balanced or diverse diet or a healthy lifestyle.
Keep the product locked away from kids.
Do not take the product during pregnancy or breastfeeding.
Consult your doctor or pharmacist before taking it.

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Black Garlic


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