White garlic package

The package contains: 3 boxes of 90 white garlic food supplement capsules

The Domi Garlic dietary supplements are natural dietary supplements that contain high concentrations of their ingredients, which mirror their excellent quality even in their packaging.

Besides our premium products we created a package for our distributors, which makes the testing of our products risk free yet effective, with active communicational support.

This package isn’t just for distributors though, it is for everyone.

13.900 Ft

The perks of the package:

  • You can get access to our quality products in a bigger quantity and at a more beneficial price.
  • You can solve your annual needs with a one-time purchase.
  • The package is at your disposal for regular intake.
  • It is perfect for not having to put up with an occurring stock shortage.
  • This is an ideal gift for friends, which is also useful.
  • If you place your order on Monday or Wednesday you can get your package delivered by tomorrow.


Everybody likes to take care of their health and body, since this is the natural status, for which we are willing to do so many things. Our bodies are part of nature, so things that are from nature have the biggest effect on them. The body is also able to cure and regenerate itself, this is the reason why it’s resilient to illnesses, and even if it gets ill the immune system starts to work and tries to recover the problem. Of course there are things that are too drastic and are not originated from nature so our body might not react this way, therefore we store them.

The human body can be helped and works well with natural substances, let’s take a look at our diet. It does matter what kind of and what quality of food we provide for it.

White garlic is one of the most popular herbs among Hungarians, which is used for its positive effects just as frequently as for its amazing and special taste in dishes.

Its popularity can’t only be seen in the Hungarian but also in the Mediterranean and Eastern cuisine as well, and in traditional medicine it had been regularly used for curing diseases and reducing risk factors.

It is widely known to contain antiviral and bactericidal qualities, meanwhile it supports the normal functions of the immune system, and also aids the circulatory system in the degradation of “bad” cholesterol.

A healthy liver is crucial for the adequate functions of the human body, after all it plays an important part in many processes. The liver is the biggest gland of the human body, it is responsible for detoxification among other things.

Garlic aids in maintaining healthy liver functions.

It thins and cleans the blood, hence its regular use is highly recommended for people with high blood pressure. It also plays an important role in improving and preserving the normal functions of the cardiovascular system, also it is effective in coping with everyday stresses.

Dried garlic powder, gelatin (capsule material), anhydrous colloidal silica dioxide, titanium dioxide (capsule coloring matters).

Dosing: 3×1 hard gelatin capsule per a day, taken with lots of fluid.

Do not exceed the recommended daily amount!
Do not take the product if you are allergic to garlic, or if you are taking blood thinners!
The consumption of dietary supplements does not substitute a balanced or diverse diet or a healthy lifestyle.
Keep the product locked away from kids.
Do not take the product during pregnancy or breastfeeding.
Consult your doctor or pharmacist before taking it.



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White garlic package


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