Crushed garlic sauce from dehydrated flakes 1-20 kg

We are quite fond of tasty and salty pastries, as of the Hungarian lángos, both can be heavenly when seasoned with garlic. This is why we came up with our crushed garlic sauce, which is made of dehydrated garlic flakes.

Ingredients: water 46%, dehydrated garlic 40%, sunflower oil, thickener (xanthan gum), preservatives (potassium sorbate, sodium benzoate).

1.100 Ft15.390 Ft

We like to spice up the otherwise nice tastes and the Hungarian culture is quite diverse in this regard. We don’t even have to go too far, since the diversity of pastries is outstanding here. This is why we had to make a garlicky product for mainly bakers, which can be instantly utilized, and can be rubbed without dilution, with a brush, onto their pastries. Our original crushed garlic products wouldn’t be usable without dilution for pastries due to their intense flavor. However, we made it possible with the saucy consistency.

We have thought a lot because there are other products out there with similar attributes, but we were thinking in quality, about something that we’d be proud to call our own, since in case we launch a product that does not deliver the DOMI quality, there is a high chance that it will cause doubt and uncertainty.

This is understandable, because when we want the garlic taste, we are not looking for something similar, we are looking for that exact taste, which we have gotten used to, that is why we put everything aside that could have spoiled the adequate result.

We successfully created this excellent product, which has proved, on the first try, that it is trustworthy. The consumer pups open the bucket and can already rub the sauce into the product. It is quick to use, will not drip off the brush and is less intense, but for our purpose the garlic taste is just right.

For the preparation of a nice garlic bread, or for the making of any other similar product it is excellent.

Don’t be shy, order it now and try it out!

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1kg, 2,5kg, 20kg

Crushed garlic sauce from dehydrated flakes 1-20 kg


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