Smoking Cannon – Black Garlic Chilli Sauce – 100 ml

Medium hot, chilli sauce speciality

This pleasantly spicy, sweet and tangy chilli sauce is perfect for grilled or BBQ meats. The strong, distinctive flavour of Trinidad Scorpion Muraga chilli peppers is softened by the sweet taste of caper peppers and honey, rounded off by the distinctive umami flavour of black garlic.

Ingredients: chili peppers (Trinidad Scorpion Moruga), California peppers, honey, salt, balsamic vinegar, yellow tomatoes, black garlic, lemon pepper, food acid: citric acid, preservative: Na-benzoate

2.990 Ft

Smoked Trinidad Scorpion Moruga, yellow date tomatoes, yellow California peppers with BLACK HONEY and honey. As soon as you smell its extreme smokiness, you can’t wait to try it. If you like smoked-flavoured tomato BBQ products, this is not to be missed. Recommended for garden barbecues, sausages, sausages, roasts. Use it with anything if you want that smoky BBQ garlic flavour.

Tip: We recommend it for roasts and barbecues, but its pleasantly sweet and umami flavour, with a hint of black garlic, makes it an excellent accompaniment to BBQ dishes.

Smoking Cannon – Black Garlic Chilli Sauce – 100 ml


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